Detailed Mortgage Information Sheet

Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Loan Info
Loan Amount
Property Value
Loan to Value
Primary Residence
Property Type
Single Family
Fico Score
Monthly Payment $1,909.65
Loan Type 15 Year Fixed
Points 0.000%
APR 6.090%
Lender Fees
HUD #Lender FeesCost
810Administration Fee$1,125.00
Total Lender Fees$1,125.00
Third Party Fees
HUD #Third Party FeesCost
804Credit Report$45.54
Total Third Party Fees$685.54
Title Company Fees
HUD #Title Company FeesCost
1101Settlement or Closing Fee$450.00
1102Title Search Fee$265.00
1103Title Examination Fee$300.00
1105Title Binder$50.00
1109Lender's Title Insurance$900.00
1110Owner's Title Insurance$195.00
Total Title Company Fees$2,560.00
Government Fees
HUD #Government FeesCost
1201Recording Fees$95.00
1202Mortgage Tax$225.00
Total Government Fees$320.00
Lender Prepaid Items
HUD #Lender Prepaid ItemsCost
901Prepaid Daily Interest$539.06
903Property Tax Escrow Impound$0.00
904Homeowner's Insurance Escrow Impound$0.00
Total Lender Prepaid Items$539.06
Prepaid Items
HUD #Prepaid ItemsCost
905Homeowner's Insurance Annual Premium$0.00
Total Prepaid Items$0.00
Lender Fees
Third Party Fees
Title Company Fees
Government Fees
Lender Prepaid Items
Prepaid Items
Total Estimated Settlement Charges $5,229.60


The Monthly P&I payment does not include amounts for taxes and insurance (if applicable), and the actual payment obligation may be greater to include amounts for taxes and insurance (if applicable).


Third Paty Fees: Appraisal fee based on a single family primary residence >2 years old with <3500  gross living area and <2 acres. Additional complexity fee adjustments may apply.


The Title Company Fees based on a statewide average of title companies that we have worked with for purchase and refinance loans. You can choose your own title service provider. Your final Title Company Fees can vary.


Lender Prepaid Items: The Lender Prepaid Daily Interest represents 15 days. The actual fee will vary depending what day of the month the loan closes. The initial escrow account impounds (if applicable) for the Property Taxes and Homeowner's Insurance are not included in this information sheet and TBD upon application. 


Prepaid Items: The Homeowner's Insurance Premium paid at closing is not included in this information sheet and TBD upon application.



1. Pricing Grid is based on the loan characteristics listed above. Changes to loan characteristics may result in new loan terms and pricing.

2. This rate quote is not a guaranteed quote or a commitmnet to lend. All rates and programs subject to loan underwriting and appoval and may be subject to change, depending on your individual credit profile and other qualifications. Your loan cannot be locked until you have completed an application, spoken with a Mortgage Loan Originator and met the requirements to lock your loan terms.

3. Once a loan is locked for the first time, the original lock term represents the best rate available to the borrower. If a borrower wishes to obtain loan terms better than their original lock, they must wait 120 days from the original lock before Advantage One Mortgage will consider renegotiated terms.